To the moon!!!

The words for Never handled have now been put up under lyrics so feel free to have a read if you are not sure you are hearing Jure sing right.

We'll be playing at Mars moon festival on 3.6. but if you won't be going there you can listen to Tolpa bumov on Radio Študent the very same day. It starts at 19.00 and you can listen to it via internet if you are not from Ljubljana.

You can also check this STG related interview. Jure talks about stuff:


If Himen is the master of the universe than who is this god fellow and why is he so unoriginal?!?

Never handled!!!

Official video

We were born right!!!

Jam juice!!!

If you missed Aritmija or just wanna watch it again click here. Our part starts at 31min! There were some misleading hints that it would premiere the new video for »Never handled«. They instead just showed clips of it. So for all those who are disappointed regarding that, read this! It will premiere tomorrow 23rd of May on Mtv. So make sure you check it out and we hope you like it =)

Don’t punch your mom… even if it’s not your real mom!!!

Victory again!!!

The big bad špeel was a big huge fuzzy success!!! Not only did we rock proper, Can of bees rocked proper, Menza was full and we managed to record the audio and film everything hd style. So there will be a D.C. movie!!! Here is a little taste of the show in case you wanna relive it a bit or had missed it:

Reaction in a dream

We've been also talking a lot to Aritmija people in the interview sense so you might wanna check it out Monday the 14th. Apart from the tons of behind the scenes/inside information the show will also premiere our new video for »Never handled«!

Dogs will hunt!!!

Come all, come early!!!

It’s not bestiality if you kiss them good night!!!