Victory again!!!

The big bad špeel was a big huge fuzzy success!!! Not only did we rock proper, Can of bees rocked proper, Menza was full and we managed to record the audio and film everything hd style. So there will be a D.C. movie!!! Here is a little taste of the show in case you wanna relive it a bit or had missed it:

Reaction in a dream

We've been also talking a lot to Aritmija people in the interview sense so you might wanna check it out Monday the 14th. Apart from the tons of behind the scenes/inside information the show will also premiere our new video for »Never handled«!

Dogs will hunt!!!

Come all, come early!!!

It’s not bestiality if you kiss them good night!!!

A problem hole!!!

Let's see... we got a shiny new review for Pičke. You can check it out by clicking here.

A very important gig is coming!!! As you may have noticed, our gigo has been growing with fresh future gigs but we'd like to point out the one on 5th of May. On that day we'll be playing in Menza (metelkova) free of charge and it's all gonna be recorded to become a live album and some sort of a dc movie. So be a part of history and come to the show. Our friends Can of bees will be opening up for us so there you have it...irresistible!

And some old news that almost got lost...well not so much news as a STG article featuring some "out of context" Jure quotes, you can read it here. And some pictures for all of you watching types.

To keep you all excited and on your toes, the video for Never handled is finished, we are also finishing the video for That color, the album is also almost finished and we started recording another one that is well on its way to be almost finished... so yeah some spoilers there =P

Don’t put your naked penis in a spider web unless you’re sure you can catch it (the spider)!!!

Enter Serbia!!!

The STG related Orto gig went swimmingly and there are little articles with photos hEre and heRe. Oh and guess what?! The people from Serbia chose us to play at their Exit festival!!! Woo hoo!!! So I guess we party in Serbia =D

Orto STG

Also our radio Val 202 show got archived so you can listen to it by following this link. And we did an interview for STG... you can read it here.

And you can vote for us on Mtv band 2012 thing as well as Rezonator.

If I flip a coin… what are the chances of me getting head???

Our little red box!!!

You can check out Aritmija where we were featured, this time only a short introduction. Our part starts at 26min if you wanna check it out. But be sure to tune in Monday the 19th when there'll be an interview with us sharing some behind the scenes secrets and explaining Pičke! Slo2 is also broadcasted live via internet so anyone with a connection can see the show live.

You should also tune in to Val 202 tomorrow (the 14th) to hear us talk about the album, the making of, the plans all sorts of things really... you can also listen to it live provided you have some internets or owning a radio in Slovenia. More info about it HERE.

D.C. so pičke got its second review! This one is in Croatian but I'm sure many of you will understand it just fine. Click these yellow letters right here to read it for yourself. Despite the many Nirvana references (we gonna take it as a compliment though we were never really trying to do grunge) it is a very positive and not just quickly – first listen – put together review. It gives us 9 out of 10 =)

And yeah it is true we got together with our friend Ven Jemeršič (he is also our measuring unit for studio recording) this Sunday. What we did was a very very tasty new video indeed. No spoilers for now but this picture:

When it’s us it’s an abortion but when it’s a chicken it’s an omelette!?!