No plugs!!!

Not long ago a little acoustic gig went down and the footage has now found its way to the internet. Some songs you know there and some taste of the new album that is in the making... check it out:


Never handled got a little review. You can read it by clicking here.

The dentist who drills his own teeth has a fool for a patient!!!

Effin’ n’ Jeffin’!!!

D.C. so pičke got another review! This time it's a Serbian one so I hope many of you will understand it just fine. The philosophy of the band was always to stray away from identity, to try and play genres we know little about, to try not to repeat ourselves. Trying to break rules and just expressing ourselves without being fake about it. So it's a bit weird that reviews, no matter how positive, either reduce us to grunge or state the diversity as something negative, like we're confused about what we want to play. Shines quite a false ray of light on us... there's misunderstanding and there is constructive criticism. The first one we'll moan about ;P

And as long as it's fresh, a very moldy old version of Never handled:

1st Glasborola

If it aint broke, kill yourself!!!

To the moon!!!

The words for Never handled have now been put up under lyrics so feel free to have a read if you are not sure you are hearing Jure sing right.

We'll be playing at Mars moon festival on 3.6. but if you won't be going there you can listen to Tolpa bumov on Radio Študent the very same day. It starts at 19.00 and you can listen to it via internet if you are not from Ljubljana.

You can also check this STG related interview. Jure talks about stuff:


If Himen is the master of the universe than who is this god fellow and why is he so unoriginal?!?

Never handled!!!

Official video

We were born right!!!

Jam juice!!!

If you missed Aritmija or just wanna watch it again click here. Our part starts at 31min! There were some misleading hints that it would premiere the new video for »Never handled«. They instead just showed clips of it. So for all those who are disappointed regarding that, read this! It will premiere tomorrow 23rd of May on Mtv. So make sure you check it out and we hope you like it =)

Don’t punch your mom… even if it’s not your real mom!!!