You get it now!!!

While we’re busy making new music and videos you enjoy this old footage from the final episode of Glasborola:

after all

Never attack anyone ever because of something they said… only attack them if they are completely and totally defenseless and in need of help because really…it’s the only time you can totally get away with it!!!

Alien gives man a beard!!!

Ok we’re about to sardine ourselves in to a van and have a long drive down to Serbia where we’ll play the little Exit gig. We leave you with some stuff such as this Exit related interview:

exit interview

There’s also a whole bunch of little mentions and footage related mostly with Rock otočec.
Click here for a related article.
Click here for some pictures.
Click here for some mentions and some pictures.
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Click here for some footage.
Click here for some Dan D show pictures.

We also did an interview while playing Lent and you can check the video if you want:

lent interview

Who keeps gloves in the gloves compartment?!?

Stone Small Island!!!

Before we bounce to play at Rock otočec and Lent we leave you with our very own HRUP article. Hope you enjoy it as it was hard work =D


24ur people decided that we're untamable...says so here! Also there is another upload of Never handled here.

From our Srečna mladina show we present you these pictures and this footage:

srečna orto

You are dead longer then you are alive!!!

No plugs!!!

Not long ago a little acoustic gig went down and the footage has now found its way to the internet. Some songs you know there and some taste of the new album that is in the making... check it out:


Never handled got a little review. You can read it by clicking here.

The dentist who drills his own teeth has a fool for a patient!!!

Effin’ n’ Jeffin’!!!

D.C. so pičke got another review! This time it's a Serbian one so I hope many of you will understand it just fine. The philosophy of the band was always to stray away from identity, to try and play genres we know little about, to try not to repeat ourselves. Trying to break rules and just expressing ourselves without being fake about it. So it's a bit weird that reviews, no matter how positive, either reduce us to grunge or state the diversity as something negative, like we're confused about what we want to play. Shines quite a false ray of light on us... there's misunderstanding and there is constructive criticism. The first one we'll moan about ;P

And as long as it's fresh, a very moldy old version of Never handled:

1st Glasborola

If it aint broke, kill yourself!!!