Zombie Gogi!!!

“Never handled” is in a chart called Tventilator. If you have a few seconds of your time go and vote.

There’s a pre-3+1 gig interview with Jure right here. Also some footage and a D.C. interview from the gig itself on this connection.

Our friends Can of bees have had some interview where they mentioned us so in return we urge you to go give em more love!!!

There are some pictures from the recent Maribor gig found here.

New song pages sprouted in our tracklist so feel free to read an interesting note maybe.

And check the gigo!!! Plenty of gigs in the future… you can’t miss em all!

Friday is our second favorite F word!!!

Too many katz!!!

If you check our gigo you will see there are a whole lot of tasty fall gigs coming up so you might wanna mark your calendar… don’t wanna miss out on the fun!

We played a gig at Kino Šiška recently and there have been some reports and footage about that. We are mentioned here
as well as there. To see some nice pictures click on this link and there is also a video. And for a more proper review from Radio Študent click here.

A mention to do with Rock Otočec has also been found but that news is olds.

The tracklist that we keep under our introduction is now growing into little song pages that among standard song data feature unique little insights in to each song. So you can check there every now and so, if this sort of "behind the songs" thing interests you.

Tits are like golf… you play the course you’re on!!!

Salty paper!!!

Some of you Slovenian news paper reading people might have noticed a little article in Delo about the beginnings of DC and Jure’s musical adventures. If not you can check it out here.

While we’re on the subject of Delo, they have also wrote about music new comers of the year. Dandelion children are among them and you can check it out here.

Dandelion children so pičke, not being forgotten, got another positive review and you can check it out by clicking here.

There are also some photos out there we never linked about so we do it now. They are from one of our Gromka gigs.

The famous performance of Goalless confessions fused together with Don’t bother the goat has now been uploaded to youtube. It is a unique performance and most likely the only footage of two guys switching bass and the guitar during a song in the world! So enjoy and share it with your step daughter:

goalless goat

With all fiction comes the future!!!

You get it now!!!

While we’re busy making new music and videos you enjoy this old footage from the final episode of Glasborola:

after all

Never attack anyone ever because of something they said… only attack them if they are completely and totally defenseless and in need of help because really…it’s the only time you can totally get away with it!!!

Alien gives man a beard!!!

Ok we’re about to sardine ourselves in to a van and have a long drive down to Serbia where we’ll play the little Exit gig. We leave you with some stuff such as this Exit related interview:

exit interview

There’s also a whole bunch of little mentions and footage related mostly with Rock otočec.
Click here for a related article.
Click here for some pictures.
Click here for some mentions and some pictures.
Click here for more of the same.
Click here for some footage.
Click here for some Dan D show pictures.

We also did an interview while playing Lent and you can check the video if you want:

lent interview

Who keeps gloves in the gloves compartment?!?