Bells are ringing!!!

We have previews for you!!! Yes just for you! One of them is Renewed, a weird tune from our upcoming album called simply “Dandelion children”. Hope you enjoy it despite it being something you would not expect from us… or would you? You can also attend a thing called Poslušalnica where some experts will analyze it and critique it. And if you don’t hate it… if maybe you have erotic feelings for it you can vote it up on the Tventilator charts.

You should tune in to Radio študent tomorrow (5th) and listen to a show called 100db at 20.00. there will be more new songs premiered as well as an interview with Jure.

The third preview is also from the upcoming album and it’s titled “middle toe”. Have a look… you can even masturbate to it:

Middle toe

Baldness is for women’s crotches not men’s heads!!!

Lucky 13!!!

We have an interview with Anže and Jure right here. Words about the new albums and so on. It was done some time ago but everything is still very relevant.

D.c. so pičke got the 11th place in ex-yu Terapija charts.

There’s more d.c. song pages blossoming.

Dandelion children stole my bike has now been uploaded to youtube in its entirety:

Dandelion children stole my bike

A problem solved is a problem caused!!!

In view!!!

You can click here if you wanna listen to the interview about Jure’s “In secrecy”. There’s also a new D.C. track premiered at the end of it.

Big thanks to everyone who voted for us on the Tventilator chart. We are this week’s number one again =)
Keep up the good work!

And also a little behind the scenes footage of Never handled =)

making of

Herp before you derp!!!

Mustard cakes!!!

Thank you for voting for us at the Tventilator charts! This week we are number one! Keep voting!!!

Tune in to Val 202 this Wednesday to listen to Jure’s “In secrecy” and the story behind that. There will also be a premiere of a very new D.C. song at the end.

Our video making friend Ven did a little interview recently where there was also a lot of talk about Smitten and D.C. Check it out by following this link

Real friends stab you in the front!!!


So for a couple of weeks now we’ve been hanging in the top three of the Tventilator chart. So don’t forget to vote and maybe next Thursday we’ll still be there!

There’s an ex-Yugoslavia region underground music compilation in the making and our Little Craig James made it on there. You will also notice some of our friends making it. It’s called No Borders Underground Jam and here’s the track list:

1. Real Danger - Otvaranje
2. Evokers - Brand New Cadillac
3. Evokers - 1-2-5
4. Kronika - Razvajeno dete
5. Bernays Propaganda - Bezbedno levo
6. Charlie Butter Fly - Between Two Legs
7. Can of Bees - 21
8. DBAU - Punkboy
9. Dada Band - Mlada djevojka
10. Dandelion Children - Little Craig James
11. Entheogen - Ganymede
12. Die Hamsters - Today OK
13. RondNoir - Luana
14. Kevlar Bikini - Yikes Mama
15. Applesauce Lorraine - Mary Jane Doe
16. Stranci - To je ta dan
17. Toronto Drug Bust - The Dandy Song (live)
18. Uroš Planinc Group - Dry Surfing
19. Wrong Moose - Dogz
20. Vibesonic Jam - Speed (live)

If you click here you’ll catch a bit of a D.C. performance from the recent Maribor gig. And don’t forget to come to our upcoming show. A little Orto bar invite ;)

Jure recently did a show on Val 202 talking about “In secrecy” and his music journey as well as premiering a new D.C. track. It will air in a few weeks. We’ll keep you posted!

We waist an awful lot of time watching adverts!!!