Brand spanking new!!!

Goalless confessions

Trust those who seek the truth, doubt those who thing they found it!!!

Art is not a democracy!!!

The gossip is all true! The greatly expected 6th album titled simply “Dandelion children” is now finished and being printed. Here is the photo of the historic event:

So be sure to come to our Nebotičnik release party and get yourself a copy.

Tune in to Val 202 on 22nd to hear an interview with Anže and Jure as well as some premiered tunes from the new album. More details on that here.

There is also a bizarre little review from our Menza show.

And we will also be revealing the tracklist of the album. The songs featuring on the album are:

01. Rock n' roll has got to go
02. Wooden animal
03. Never handled
04. Renewed
05. Feels like paradox
06. Goalless confessions
07. Middle toe
08. Your nothing
09. Mutilator compensator
10. Morning grass
11. Smitten
12. Mr. Evaluator
13. History of fail
14. Dehydrated monkey
15. The beat (the beat)

You can have your own opinion but you can’t have your own facts!!!

Little terrace!!!

For those who do not yet know, we’re having a big bang out of a party on the 25th! We’ll be celebrating the release of our brand new album titled simply “Dandelion children”. The album was produced by Peter Dekleva and it features Smitten and Never handled as well as 13 more tasty tunes. This album will also be available to buy in physical form but only if you attend this party. What’s more, we’re also gonna be premiering our brand new video directed by Ven Jemeršič. Another reason to attend! And naturally we’ll also be playing live up there. What will make it unique is not only the fact that it will be the most elevated gig we’ve done but a huge number of interesting musical guests and a whole bunch of new songs we haven’t yet played live. And good news! This will be free of charge and it starts at 22.00 for all you who like to spent days doing other stuff and have financial problems. Here is a little preview:


The gigs for this month don’t end there! We’ll be playing in Menza on the 20th and Gala hala on the 30th. In Gala hala we’ll be opening for our friends Can of bees who also just recently finished an album.

The only way you know where the line is, is to cross it!!!

Premiers’ week!!!

We had our first gig in Zagreb. It was a nice experience and we hope to come back again sometime. Here is a little review of the night. On the subject of gigs, we’ll be playing in Bled this Saturday (30th). Hope you all can make it. There will be a lot of premiere tracks!

Another year went by for Šourock. To promote this year’s contest some interviews of previous winners were conducted. Our good friend Wrong moose and Can of bees both mention us and vise versa: Jure interview


Also thank you for the ongoing votes on the Tventilator charts. Sat on the nice 3rd place this week. Keep on the good work =)

You can shear a sheep as many times as you want but you can only skin it once!!!

Air created the greenness!!!

The No borders underground compilation is finally out. There was also a review of it. You can check it out here but here’s the quote regarding D.C.:

"...ploščku dajo nov zalet slovenski mladci Dandelion Children. Postgrungerski rockerji na odprti osnovi so pozornost pritegnili s ploščo, ki daje skupini priznanje za pogum ter vso požrtvovalnost. >Dandelion Children So pičke< je bila plošča, ki je pritegnila pozornost ne samo z imenom, temveč tudi z glasbenim etosom, ki prisega na nepredvidljivost, Jure (basist, kitarist in predvsem prvo grlo zasedbe), Anže (kitarist in basist, kot ga pač prime) in Katja (verjeli ali ne, a mladenka iz Jarš prekleto dobro načenja opne na bobnih) pa si tudi po skladbi Little Craig James sodeč zaslužijo stoječa aplavz in kakšen plošček več na vaših policah!"

We also got our hands on a bunch of these CDs and we are planning to give them away to whomever will supply us with the most interesting/creative/fun photo featuring the words “dandelion children”. You can shave it on your dog, pee it in the snow or just write it on your nose. Whatever you do, have fun and send it to us by our fb inbox or to And remember we don’t just have one copy of the cd.

The “by the phone” interview with Jure along with some new tunes can be found here for all of you who did not catch it the first time.

It is also no secret that we recently shot not one but two brand spanking new videos with Mr. Ven Jemeršič so there’s that too look forward to.

Try again and fail better!!!