A pile of news!!!

You can read another very positive review of our self titled album by following this link. Hopefully you are not yet tired of these positive reviews =P

Jure has been a dj on Val 202. He chose three of his favorite songs and talked about his music adventure. If you missed it you can check it out here. If you listen to the radio show note that they cut the songs really short so we suggest you use yt links for the music.

A little clip from the big bad Trnfest performance found its way to youtube. It is a shadow show of the Maki meltdown:


You can also check out NeMaki ga and Another autumn from the Anin roll gig.

Those who can’t manage those who can!!!

Reading material!!!

As promised here are more reviews! You can read the Odzven one by clicking here. It is a very positive review.

Another very positive one comes from Radio Študent. You can read it by following this link.

There is also a review from our Trnfest gig. It is a super positive one and we must admit it was one of the most fun gigs we ever had. See some photos and read it by going here.

There are also some new song pages under our tracklist and a little interview with DC. You can read it here but note that it was done with all three DC members not just Jure and a lot of it is a bit out of context.

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Z updates!!!

As promised more reviews are coming. You can read one from Rockline by clicking here. Another very positive one =)

Some changes materialized with Trnfest. We’ll now be playing a week early, 3.8. and will share a stage with our friends World::Within… you know the band featuring our very own Anže and our producer Damjan as well as the guy responsible for our latest cover…Mr. Jan Jenko. So see yall there!!!

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The reviews have finally started to come in. the first one came in the latest issue of Mladina. You can read it here.

The second one comes from a Croatian music portal Terapija.net. Here is the link. so far the reviews are positive. More are on the way.

And if you missed the Aritmija episode or you’d like to see it again just click here. And if you would like to listen to Izštekani follow this link. We also have the video of it but we’re yet not sure about uploading it to youtube.

Also we are happy to report we’ll be playing on Trnfest on 10.8. so hopefully we’ll see you there and there will be some surprises in the show!

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Big weekend ahead!!!

This Friday we’ll be playing a show on Val 202. It’s gonna be broadcasted via radio and internet so you can hear and see us live from wherever you might be, provided you have a radio or some internet. The show is called Izštekani and it will feature us playing brand new tunes, some tunes you might know accompanied with a violin, some acoustic material as well as interviews. Here is some footage of the rehearsals… a country version of Careless song:

Careless song

On Saturday you can tune in to Aritmija where we will be featured.

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