Some new old pics!

»liveaward - gala hala” gallery has been added to the picture department. That gig happened some time ago so the photos are a bit dated. Anyway… don’t forget about the Rog gig with the Matching Suits. It’s gonna be some serious surf rocking dandelion good time!

An apple per day will keep the shoe salesman away!!!

Ps: clicking on the thumbnail doesn't always open the pic. So click on the picture’s name to surely get some results. We are gonna try and fix this…

What's up, what’s going on?!?!

First we'd like to remind everybody to attend our Friday the 13th Orto show!!! Do come if you’re up for a rockin’ good time… Kansky will be there too!

We also updated our audio section with a bit better version of “middle finger” plus “alliance please” which are both a taste of our upcoming album…
Speaking of the issue… is there anyone who knows a guy that knows a guy who is able to do some mastering? If so tell him/her to contact us because we sure could use some help!
And if there’s anyone who knows anything about making videos… do contact us too!

The new albums title has been wondered about as well. Nothing is yet official but it’s safe to say that the official unofficial title is: “Dandelion children stole my bike!!!”
So there’s a reward for anyone who's willing to do something about it. We are of course talking about an album cover. Don’t hesitate to mail us stuff!

Check for lumps on your breasts and testicles at least once per month!!!


For all you go getters who still don't have the album or just plain old lost the thing all problems are now solved. You can download Perhaps Maybe by clicking on it (up-right on the page). And for all you people, who tire of this album, more are coming soon. There's Perfection Off (the old album), the new album (title still undecided), Jure's solo album and Legendary lost album (the album that got lost). Some new pictures have been put up as well. And do not forget about the upcoming shows.

Tip your waitress!!!

more updates!!

We are happy to announce that there's a lyric & tabs section actually working now. Click it and believe you me, there will be lyrics and tabs this time!!! O_O Also videos are linked here (the ones worth seeing so you don't have to browse trough a bunch of old crap on youtube) and there's the audio section presenting some fresh demos as well as some old stuff (downloads coming soon).

Eat your vegetables!!!

Some updates

We have some shows coming up in the near future so check the gigo section if you plan to attend any of them. The picture galleries are also growing daily and we’ve put up some mails so you can contact us if contacting us is what you please to do.