Switches and shelves!

Jure has finally finished the cover for that long lost first album called Perfection off! You can get it by clicking on download. It is also where all the future music and stuff will be stored. We hope you won’t be too disappointed as it is an old album, a learning experience album and in no way a step in to improvement direction. In other words perfection switch is not even close to be on. The lyrics for it have also been uploaded on the page.

As for the fresh new album D.C. stole my bike… it is close to be polished and ending up on the page as well so start getting extra exited!!!

Drinking lemonade refreshes you and prevents you from getting scurvy!!!

Badges and badgers!!!

There will be a DC gig this Friday in Celje, Metropol. There's a lot of new songs to show and rumor has it there are gonna be some DC badges distributed around for free. So don't miss out on a good party and possible free stuff.

Always bring some water to the desert road trip!!!

So what do you say to a blind hooker???

We're trying to bring the page up to some kind of well updated interactive place. Since we're still unable to come up with a biography it was decided to go a different way. A “live interview” branch seemed like the right thing to do so basically… if you wanna know something mail (contact) us your question signed with what ever nick name you please. Can’t say we’ll do our best but there is as much as a 4% chance of us answering! The thing will go online as soon as we feel there’s enough content so no boohooing if your cat doesn’t get killed before long enough… or was that curiosity?!?

Here’s good news for all of you who prefer video over pictures. That’s right!... we’ve put up a little promo that is suppose to bring word about the new album: Dandelion Children Stole My Bike. You can go to the video section to view it or you could just click HERE. The basic idea is that you spread the link along otherwise the whole promo thing lost its meaning… lord knows we ain’t gonna do much more about it.

Average or slightly bad news for all you drummers, bassists, keyboard players and over all non-guitarists: new tabs and chords are now available for anyone who can read them.
Yup… Overload, Soulhealing and Some Truth To It are now tabbed down and ready to be played by all you appreciators and ripofers.

The 3rd album is a smidgen away to be finished but there is all the legal stuff so expect it soon just not tomorrow!

Perfection Off (the 1st album) is soon to be available… just needs Jure to finish the album cover; “it’s not that I’m lazy, I just haven’t been in the mood to buy a new pen. Amazing how quick the ink goes away.” That unsurprisingly means there will be a whole new branch to the site. It’s gonna be called Downloads or something more vulgar, still grasping the point, and it will feature not only music but totally super awesome stuff such as “the Jure fuck you gif”… a perfect thing to share over messenger with all the people you love to hate, DC MIDI melodies for your outdated cell phones, possible nude pictures of Anže and video cooking shows hosted by Katja.

All that said a mention of the new haircuts is in order. All 3 of them met the scissors up close and in manner of showing their true nature no shows have been booked, no pictures taken, no nothing… so now you know but you don’t really know!!!

…Shut the fuck up!!!

2d horn evidence!

A little drink in this dry season that is dandelion news; some pictures of our Rog gig with The matching suits found their way in to our possession. So naturally we put them up here for you to enjoy the gorgeousity!

We’ve also been working on a bunch of new songs (see the tracklist for titles). It’s safe to say that it’s step in a different direction and we can’t wait to play them on stage… if we get any gigs at all.

In over all; a lot of new stuff but no way to show it yet. If something does happen we’ll let you know… or maybe not. Keep tuned in any case.

What do you say to a blind hooker?...

I can ski without mayo!

Sudden gig opportunity happened for us and we went for it! Tomorrow (13.6.) we’ll be playing in Sub sub so try not to not be there. It should be fun… even got some new songs that will be played in public for the first time. Nothing else worth reporting right now but do keep your lives in motion.

We wish the evil forces get confused on the way to your house!!!