The cake is a lie!!!

You can show your support for Dandelion children by giving D.C. stole my bike a good grade in RSQ's Slovenian album of the year competition thing. Just go there, scroll down a bit and you’ll see the cover staring right at you.

Also their latest issue featuring a Dandelion children album review and a little interview with Jure is now out. =)

Yes… we got a gig. This one however is different in the sense that all of you immobile and faraway people can watch it live as well. We’ll be playing on this show called Švic mikrofona which is being broadcasted live from their webpage. We hope to see a lot of you with us in the studio and as for everyone else… tune in on 7th Jan.

Don’t worry; it’s a normal bodily function!!!

Get crazy with the cheez whiz!!!

Some of you may have already noticed we now have a shout box. This means you can now speak your mind about D.C. without much trouble. So don’t be shy… shout!!!

13th December an issue of RSQ magazine will be released. What will be cool about this one is a Dandelion children album review + interview so make sure to buy a copy if you can. On their website they have already put a little promo.

Anže’s moptel gallery has been added to the pictures branch. He may or may not post adventures documented by his cell phone camera there so check it every now and so. For all you who don’t know, you can comment on pictures by simply creating an account here on

Don’t sit on a porcupine without your body armor!!!

So there you have it!!!

Big big news! The album is here to download so do it and spread the word around. It is sort of the first studio album we’ve done there for it makes this the biggest DC news so far. We want you to spread this information where ever you can so that more people will be able to enjoy the music but most importantly enjoy it your self!

The rest of D.C. stole my bike lyrics have also been put up here as it is reasonable with the commotion going on. Also lyrics for “O določeni osebi” has been uploaded as promised.

There have been two shows that we didn’t really promote here. But there is a plus side to it as we have made footage in video/audio as well as photo form. So expect those sections of the media branch to get flooded with fresh goodies.

Again DOWNLOAD D.C. STOLE MY BIKE and spread the word!!!

If its still in some sort of shade of green than you can eat it!!!

Leveling and painting!

Sadly we can not report about any gigs happening due to lack of arrangement but that doesn’t mean there won’t be some real soon. We can report about us working hard on new material though. You can check the tracklist to somewhat evaluate the progress. A few of these songs include a drop D guitar which in many ways brings something new to the ever growing dandelion sound.

As proof of the new music development such as the untitled fourth album and Jure’s solo album there will be two demos available to hear by going to audio. “Melodica hive” which is in fact not a good indicator of what Jure’s little project will be like and “After all”, a track that will future on DC’s 4th album will only be available to hear for a few days. Than it’s a waiting game till the finished products find their way in to the world.

There’s a mention of DC in a Barely modern article. You can check the article by clicking here but most importantly check out the band and don’t miss their upcoming gigs!!! We played together a couple of times and it sure as hell wasn’t the end of it. Trust us, they are good and you will see us sharing the stage in the future!

A mention of Jure’s collaboration with Intimn frizurn should be made. A track which features Jure’s lyric, vocal and guitar work can be heard by clicking on track 8: O določeni osebi. You will also be able to catch the tune by listening to Val 202 or by simply buying the CD it’ll be on. Though not exactly a DC track its lyrics will eventually be found right on this page so no worries about that.

Don’t let the bed bugs insult your mama!!!

Totally super awesome news!!!

First order: Saturday the 19th Sep we’ll be indi-rocking the hell out of Rog! We’ll play you some exciting new songs and probably an old one to. Sharing the stage will be two of our favorite Slovenian bands; Barely modern and God damn it, boys!! Make sure to check ‘em out, to tell all friends about the gig and naturally to show up (at least partially drunk).

Second order: Guitar tabs/chords for “thousands” and “24 lines” have been uploaded and also bass tab for “smoking at toilets”. There are some technical difficulties with uploading tabs without them being all messed up but we’re working on it.

Third order: Although D.C. stole my bike still isn’t released in to the world we are happy to report that the fourth album is being recorded as we speak. It’s the first time we’re recording something that is actually just been written therefore fresh and full of spunk. Bare with us and keep visiting the site for more updates!

If a cat has nine nipples you know it has nine lives!!!