To announce and pronounce!!!

First a little reminder about the Orto bar show since the date is now official. Be there god damn it or we’ll come over and murder your hamster!!!

We have also updated the tracklist so you won’t think we’re slacking of. And speaking of webpage imputs… check out our new home page pic yo! Snazzy =D

Now down to some pronouncing and that type of thing: we’ve been noticing that most people don’t pronounce dandelion correctly. So here’s a rebus to help you learn. If that doesn’t work we’ll make a book on tape. Also the title of our “not for long” latest album is “Dandelion children stole my bike” and not just “Stole my bike”. I hope nobody feels bad, we’re just here to educate, facilitate and create.

Here’s a question for all of you; what would you say is your favorite song of the album called Dandelion children stole my bike (not Stole my bike)??? Or at least what’s your favorite song of the album today? (That’s right, we’re doing questions now!) Leave your answers in the shout box!!!

Society will collapse under the weight of collective averageness!!!

The bags the bags are happening!!!

Radio študent will be playing our album in a show called Tolpa bumov on 27th Jan at 19:00 and 3rd Feb at 00:30. Click HERE to read the review. Thank you Gašper Prus!!!

It’s been a while since we put up any pictures so now there are some new pictures in Studio (Dandeloid) gallery and some new old pictures in Pero’s gallery. Picture’s from the studio are actually D.C. finishing Dandeloid (the 4th album) so there’s that to look forward to!

For all you people with facebook accounts this might be interesting. There’s a Dandelion children fan page out there. It’s been there for a while but now our friend Pero will be making sure it is properly updated so we news about it.

Don’t feel bad for falling; sometimes the floor is deceptively flat!!!

Sweaty mic steal a bike!!!

If you haven't already watched the show for about 17 times than click HERE. The tracklist of the show goes like this:

Don't bother the goat
After all
Goalless confessions
3x dead funky man
Know it anyway
Ah ja
Ne Maki ga
Let go, forget a.k.a. Let go (change the de-tuned guitar), forget
Sell the can

A lot of these have already been recorded for Dandeloid (DC’s 4th album) that will be released sometime this first half of the year. Hope you enjoy the show even with things such as detuned guitar switching, mic mumbling and cowboy heat wearing. Till next time… have a beautiful time.

If you believe us than it’s true!!!

Almost there and ready to prance!!!

Švic mikrofona was a success and it won’t be long till the show will be properly edited and up on the web. While waiting for that you can check the promo for it and also D.C. interview that took place in the studio right after the gig. For all you English speaking people the translation of the interview can be found by clicking here.

Also there are future gigs to look forward to though there are no exact dates yet. We gonna play at MAK fest, Orto bar and Bazen (Kranj).

More news coming soon so hold on to your bucket. Rucola’s got nothing on dandelion!!!

If we poison ourselves slow enough we won’t notice we’re dying!!!

Spunk up and dirty!!!

Hi, hello and good day!!! We are here to news you and not quit the whole 3 exclamation marks thing!!! We got a new gig just a day after the live broadcasted gig that you should all not miss!!! It’s down at the sea side, Koper, Pub 33 to be exact. What will add to coolness is that Barely modern will be playing to!!!

Now for some Rockline reviews that we got. Chapter 1 was when Aleš saw us opening up to Radio moscow. Chapter 2 was a result of his visit to our Gromka show and chapter 3 was when he got a hold of our album. Thank you Aleš.

Down to some little less sympathetic reviews, here are the scans from RSQ. Click here to read the main article and over fnja to see the alliance please review. It is strangely hung on 90’s, Cobain wannabeism and things we never knew we were doing. Never the less it is sad to report this was their last issue.

People of bass beware!!! D.C. stole my bike tabs got here. Not all of them but some of them so enjoy.

Trough out January you can tune in to Dandelion radio where Mark Whitby will be playing Brittish knightts. You could just pop in our album… but check it out; you might be introduced to something new and cool.

Sticking by the book can make a monopoly game end much faster!!!