Damn straight!!!

We fucking won the rock izziv challenge. Yes, yes we did! Thanks to everyone that supported us but mostly thanks to our greatness. The other bands can suck it! God damn it we’re awesome!!! You can check a little video summation of the show by clicking HERE. And you should also check the gigo to see what shows we got. It’s pretty sweet and we’re pretty great! It can not really be described by words just how immensely remarkable we are so you best show up to some gigs to have a better understanding.

A little slide show was also uploaded to youtube. To check it out you have to click fnja and not be a retard. It contains some never seen before pictures and a little song to go along with it.

We’ll keep you posted as soon as more news worthy stuff happens… or maybe we won’t. Meanwhile answer the new poll question and tell your mom to download our music. Oh yeah… there’s gonna be more collaborations with our friend Pezzy Pezz. So we’ll sing will possibly be featured on his album.

History is written by those who have functional pens!!!

Jellyfish butter!!!

Those tasty dandelion jerks have apparently come out on top in Orto battle thing. It is too soon to celebrate though since there are four more bands to compete next Wednesday. We’ll keep you posted but you can expect the final results on 12.3.

There’s also a dandelion quiz in the making. You’ll be able to test your dandelion knowledge and if you are lucky and dandewise you can get some neat goodies. All the answers can be sniffed out on the page so you might ready your self.

Our friend Božo is making a video for 3h after or not. It’s all we’ll say for now… meanwhile you can check these little vids that include our tracks.

Someone’s fave games video
Someone else’s video
Driving game video

Naturally we also put up a new poll question so state your opinion. Old polls remain open!

Music should be food for the soul not turds for the mind!!!

Challenge much???

You know what would be great? If you'd show your support by voting for us at ROCKIZZIV. We got to the finals and with your help we just might win there for get some pretty sweet gigs. If you could spread the word and help us get more support… that would be sweet as well. Just getting to the finals though got us some studio time and a gig in Orto bar. The track we record will be featured on this years Rock izziv compilation and the Orto gig will be where the jury picks the winner. Apart from the jury some of the points come with internet voting and some of them come with you being at the gig and casting your vote there so it would be nice if you did both.

We’re also auditioning for Vičstock so you might see us there… when ever that happens. And same goes for Mladifest. We’ll let you know when something happens.

As you can see there is also a fresh poll question. It would be cool if you’d explain your answers in the shout box as well so we can all have a laugh unless your motives are of creepy nature. The old poll question will remain open for all you who haven’t stated your opinion yet.

Breathing is an excellent way to stay alive!!!

Interwebz caravan!!!

Thiss little page of ours that you grew to adore is now moving to the same country we're at. That’s right, it’s coming to Slovenia. That means it’s gonna work faster for most people now!!! It also means it’ll be gone for about 2h some time this evening (15.2.) so you don’t need to cause a riot!!!

Pero started uploading pictures to his gallery. He now takes his camera everywhere so there will be new pics practically every day. Keep checking!!!

That’s right, we now have a poll!!! It’s where we’ll post questions and where you’ll give your answers. Fun on a bun!!! If you want to further explain your answers there is always the shout box. Or if you just have anything on your mind there’s always the shout box =D Poll questions will be replaced as soon as we feel there’s enough data out of it.

Oh yeah… MAK fest date and location was confirmed so you can now put it on your calendar!!!

We’re so hip your grandfather broke us!!!