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Some time ago we made a little interview with Aleš from rockline… actually he made a little interview with us. It’s finally on line and you can read it by clicking on the words porcupine testicles. We hope you were not bored reading it and that you don’t get cancer on the bellybutton.

There are also some new pictures of us out there and just like with funky man we decided to make a slide show rather than make a new gallery. To view it you should go to our youtube account or just click here. To not view it you should click over here!

To end this charade we have a shout box question for you and it goes like this: What crazy thing would you like Dandelion children to do on stage? They are bored enough to do it! Well… don’t be shy… shout!!!

Reject false icons!!!

Oh the huge manatee!!!

There is a little article about D.C. on 24ur page and you should click HERE to view it. You can even comment and rate it.

There’s also a D.C. Exit profile and you can check it out HERE. What might interest some of you is a D.C. stole my bike album review that will be translated in to Serbian and English. So keep checking the profile if you are curious to read it in any of those two languages. Playing there would be nice to.

Speaking of winning things… out of over 90 bands a few were chosen to play at this years Mladinin oder. Dandelion children are naturally among the few chosen bands. Check the gigo and hopefully we’ll see you there.

The band hasn’t been slacking of on the creative department ether. You can check the track list to see the titles of the new songs and get your ass to some future coming gigs to hear them out for the first time. Apart from some new genres there are also new instrument sounds including 5 string bass, organ, piano and saw wave that are all included in this fresh wave of songs.

In this pool we wonder about your favorite D.C. stole my bike Jure solos. So don’t be shy and give us your opinion.

Bitch dependency is no laughing matter… it’s a disease!!!

Suffled how it gush!!!

Jure put together a little animated strip thing to accompany the song called Enshrined (the tale). Click on it and enjoy the video. Also don’t be shy to rate it and comment on it. It’s pretty word for word by the lyric so if you have trouble understanding his singing this picture show might be of assistance. The song comes from the old album titled Perhaps Maybe so if you don’t yet have it download it and tell your mother to do so as well!!!

All of you who think you know a little something about Dandelion children… well now’s your chance to test your knowledge! There is now a D.C. quiz right under the poll. Just click on the question mark dandelion seeds and have a go at it. All in good fun!

There have also been some changes in the Cvetličarna show timing. Dandelion children will now be playing a bit earlier than expected. Here is the new schedule:

Zmelkoow – 20:45
Tide – 22:15
Dandelion children – 23:30
Zabranjeno pušenje – 00:15
Momento – 02:00

As usual there’s also a new poll question. This time we wonder about your favorite D.C. stole my bike Anže solo. So which one is it?

You might not be superstitious but you are a little bit stitious as a human being!!!

Ice cream cake is no lie!!!

D.C. were signed up to compete in this thing called Šourock and they won the first round. You can read more about the thing by clicking HERE. There’s also a dandelion children video where they talk about Siddhartha and ice cream cake. That and a picture gallery. This how ever means there will be a final gig (check gigo) and if they win then they will be rewarded with a pro video among other things!

The news of rockizziv victory has also been rapidly spreading across the interwebz and you can even find a little article in the paper version of Žurnal.

When life gives you lemons squeeze them in someone’s eye!!!

The unknown unknowns!!!

If you want to see us in the final Rockizziv cvetličarna show you should probably start thinking about getting your self some tickets. Due to the big bands that will be playing with us the tickets are bound to get soled out fast. Here’s the list of bands and when they start playing:

Momento – 21.00
Zmelkoow – 21.45
Zabranjeno pušenje – 23.15
Dandelion children – 01.15
Tide – 02.00

There will also be free Rockizziv compilation CD’s handed out. They will feature a Dandelion children track called 1:49.

You should expect some interviews pretty soon. We have been talking to Aleš from rockline as well as the guys from tv3. We’ll post the rockline interview on the page as soon as it’s properly edited. As for the tv3, you should tune in Wednesday (24th) at 18.00 to see Dandelion children play some tunes and talk about stuff.

As usually we post a new poll question and leave the old ones open. So in a zombie apocalypse witch one of the Dandelion children would you have by your side to help you fight zombies, keep the spirit up and survive?

There’s nothing so simple that science can’t complicate!!!