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Incase you missed the Val 202 show with Dandelion children or just plain old loved it so much that you'd like to listen to it again you should click on this link.

Jure will also be appearing on a show called Spekter tv that is on RTS channel. You can watch the show on Monday (10.5.) at 20.00, Tuesday at 15.15, Saturday at 14.00 or Sunday at 23.30. It’s basically an interview with Jure about some general D.C. stuff and the ŠOUrock victory.

A little reminder: there are 3 more gigs coming up this month so check the gigo and mark your calendar! Some new songs will be premiered.

If you truly love someone bake them a squirrel!!!

Who ever heard of a sad clown???

The ŠOUrock page now also reports about the victory of Dandelion children. Click HERE to read a little something about it, see the video interview and check the gallery for some pictures. You can also watch the video on youtube where you can rate and comment it.

There is also a little video and some words about D.C.’s triumph on VEČER.

Now if you can’t wait for the pro-shot of the show there is a little preview. Somebody taped Dandelion children covering Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi and you can view, comment and rate it by clicking HERE. Hope this will last you till we upload the whole show with better picture, angle and sound quality.

We will need your help deciding on the award thing! As you may or may not know we’ll be making a professional video. We get to choose the song, the studio and the producer. We also get to choose the director and we get to come up with an idea. ŠOUrock will take care of the expenses. Anyway… here’s where you come in. We need to decide on what song we’ll record properly for this video and we’ll need ideas for the video it self. So if you have suggestions, notions, visions about it share your mind with us by either shouting in the shout box or sending us stuff to any one of our contact mails. Remember… there are almost no limits!

…and that’s how we saved Earth and are the greatest!!!

Lions and tigers and bears oh my!!!

So there you have it… Dandelion children won again!!! The whole ŠOUrock thing is in the bag. This means a pro shot video/song, some more gigs and a pro recording of the whole final event will result out of this! All you skeptics should probably cry a little by now…

Also be sure to tune in Wednesday (5.5.) 22.30 to radio Val 202. That’s when the one hour special D.C. show will be broadcasted. Jure has already put the link in the shoutbox.

If we’re alive in the morning we’ll know we’re not dead!!!

Shiny tops on soda pops!!!

So here’s the news basically: If you need to, want to or being forced to see the NLP performance of “Let go, forget” again and again you should probably click HERE. There is also the performance of The Maff and a bunch of commercials so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

There was a little picture of Jure and a little D.C. article in Stop magazine. That can only mean there will be more winters in the future.

Dandelion children gang will be going on radio Val 202 where they will talk about stuff as well as some things. Not sure when it will be broadcasted but rest assure there will also be more springs in the future.

Some of you might find the fact that D.C. will be playing a cover of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi funny or interesting. The whole thing is part of the ŠOUrock competition ending show where the finalists will be judged on three of their original songs and the above mentioned cover. Wish D.C. luck for Tuesday or there will be no more summers in the future.

Bla bla new poll lakukarača… you know what to do… or there might not be more falls in the future!

If the killing is random enough you will get away with it!!!

Whitney Huston ska!!!

There’s gonna be a little Dandelion children article in the next issue of Stop magazine. Just thought we’d let you know about that.

The dates for our future gigs have also got clear so check the gigo and mark your calendar!!! There’s also the date for our NLP appearance. That’s right you should tune in to Slo1 next Sunday and see us play a tune live on television for the first time.

Speaking of television… that Tv3 thing is now up here on the page for you to see as many times you want. It’s gonna stay under our video section but now you can watch it bellow.

Another shout box question for you: What song should D.C. play on that Sunday TV show? Remember… it’s gonna be their first live TV broadcast so make it special and memorable!!!

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