Salad over!!!

We opened Rock otočec and it was pretty nice. Well we got some links of reports about it. Click here where you can find a couple of pictures, a promise of an interview and an out of context Jure quote.

You can read a little article about it by clicking here.

There will probably be more Rock otočec related news shortly. Our friend also filmed it all so there may be good footage uploaded on youtube soon.

Would a fly without wings be called a walk???

The truth is back!!!

Our ranting confirmed by officials!!! Click on this LINK right here and read. It is about the sad but true state of things in this country. People and music really don’t have a healthy relationship around here. Not sure what can be done about it but we’ll fight it by continuing creating tasty creative quality music. We also present you a “D.C. recommend” list so that you might find out about some new music, learn about our influences and fight this Slo disease (even if you’re not from Slo). And since we are not as splendid scholars of music as we would like to be we urge YOU to recommend music you think deserves attention by simply shouting in the shout box. If not for us do it for the people!

we are also happy to report that the Rock otočec gig has been moved to 2.7. (Friday). We'll be on stage at 19.00. that means we'll actually be playing for some people!

By the way… links now automatically open in a new window so feel free to left click without the fear of navigating away from

Dandelion children recommend!!! <<< click now!!!

The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence!!!

Child porn!!!

Looking for child porn and came across us?!?! Why you are a sex offender! Anyway… the whole rock otočec gig date and time is finally known (gigo). What bums us out is the whole worst possible time they gave us to play. This happened before… we’re talking about gigs such as Lampijončki and the whole Rožnik thing. Playing for the security guards and the sound guy… oh how fun… we’re really glad we won a bunch of competitions just to be doing gigs like these. What’s special about rock otočec is not only are we totally the first at a time when people are still not ready to be active but we also open to groups that lost against us in competitions that got us there. And also the main acts are fucking tribute bands… we understand people love iron maiden and ac dc but way to go Slovenia… always rewarding the old, the copied and the lame. But enough ranting… people who get it get it and people who don’t get it are being haters right now anyway…

More news in picture, video & text form. Here’s a link. As you can see there’s some text and some pictures… there are also videos but we shall give you links that navigate directly to youtube. Click here for a little introduction and here for a little performance clip. Not exactly child porn but sort of containing children…sort of.

Will you prance when there’ll be nothing to prance about?!?

We’re tired of unreliable guns!!!

Our band, that's Dandelion children, has been selected for the second phase of EURODEMO SANTANDER band contest. We’re not sure what that means but it would be nice if you’d vote for us. You can do so by clicking here. It is believed you have to have a myplace account. If you do you can than vote for us once per day. Spread the word and support yo!!!

A decision about our ŠOUrock award single has been made as well. The chosen song is titled “History of fail”. It’s not about barn animals so a bit of a let down there. Anywho… the video idea still needs to be wondered and pondered about. If you have any ideas you probably shouldn’t send them to us as they are most likely dumb.

Also there’s a new pool question coz you know how we love statistics! Sarcasm? Not sure right now o_O hmmm

God in his infinite wisdom decided that people who should be naked must be paid to take of their clothes!!!

Don't bother the goat!!!

Jure got sick in the voice so the whole Rožnik gig was canceled. But we got something better; it's goat from Švic!!!

Don't bother the goat

Say what!?!