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Yeah bitchezzz!!! We aints got no news one would call news worthy but we do have some pictures yo! Our friend took these while we were doing our Rock Otočec thing and having some ciggz and grapefruit Radlers out in the pub. The whole thing looks like a cigarette commercial but don't blame us, blame Jesus Christ! We believe this sort of thing is more fun in a slide show form accompanied by a song so it’s now on youtube. Check it out!!! Let’s see… if no news than blogs and rumors will be posted here shortly so keeps checking. Oh yeah… if any of you wanna learn how to play guitars and bass Jure is willing to be your teacher so just mail him up (contact) and arrange something. It is meant for beginners but if you are not one of those and feel that Jure might add some tricks to your stringing around do not hesitate to contact him either!!! Also spread the word if you think people you know might want this sort of service… that and the word of Jesus Christ… you know “He who is without sin should also smoke” or something like that.


Condoms are expensive… abortion is free!!!

Why do they stay Steve???

Today we have a little demo for you to listen to and possibly enjoy. Definitely click HERE to hear it. We are naturally talking about collaboration between Intimn frizurn and Dandelion children, Jure to be precise. The demo titled “Call it a day” is the earliest thing that was done linking them and since this song might never grow up to be more than just a demo we present it to you as it is. Intimn frizurn provided the tunes while Jure provided the words and the vocals…

We also have a new poll question for you… so what’s your favorite D.C. instrumental? These are the ones that are on albums or on youtube. And yes there are words in some but we still consider them instrumentals!

The child will molest you!!!


Hey hey hey! We're back from the sea but not really tanned. There is an interview out there that happened right after the Rock Otočec gig. There's a video and also the transcript since it's hard to understand with all the sound checks going on in the background. You should click here to check it out.

We also added to our recommend list so have fun finding out about new artists.

Dandelion children recommend!!! <<< click now!!!

Stay of the crack yo!!!

And than there were figs!!!

We got some coverage of our Lent gig. Click here to read a nice little report about it. There is also an interview. And some clips from the show based mostly on the song “Ne Maki ga”.

Interview/Ne Maki ga

Some other fellow took some footage and uploaded it to youtube. So here you have it:

Hotel Yorba (the White Stripes cover)

Let go, forget

Animals should not try to act like people!!!

Today we blog! Topic: Maribor/Lent

On the way to Maribor we got a massage that there is no sound on the Rock otočec video. We blame you! As we got there, early might I add, we realized we’ll in fact be playing in an old church. The notion was appealing. Some non fascinating procedures later we went to see Srečna mladina who were playing on the Večer stage. They had some technical difficulties and looked like they didn’t have much of a good time. Also the public didn’t seem to fit the music. We invited them to our gig to which they did not attend. Our gig how ever had the right people but they did get there gradually. It was lonely for the first couple of songs but sometimes you gotta start making some tasty noise to get the people coming in. We are proud to say that we played 30 songs in one go which is probably a record for us. Some of these songs were played on stage for the first time. We got a bunch of people really excited and also made some new friends and fans. I hate that word…fans… I’m gonna use the word appreciators from now on. We slept in a hostel to which the price turned out to be more than we were told… some sort of a misunderstanding. As a result we wandered the streets of Maribor waiting for some money to be wired to us. There are a lot of street musicians there and we wished we had brought our acoustic guitar with us. Looking at all the shoe shops got me thinking of Mr. Big but I was already late to a drink with Miranda. It is safe to say we have about enough of Maribor for a while. It’s a nice place but utterly ghastly if you are hung over and out of money. Hopefully we’ll be playing there on the main stage next year. Cheers to our new Mb friends!!! Over and out.

Don’t blame us…blame illiteracy!!!