We back!!!

We are happy to report about our return to the concert scene. Finally something in the future gigo department!!! And we promise more future gigs coming soon!!! No fucking about!!! See you there!!! And send your bitch a D.C. song... bitches love D.C. songs!!!

So everything new we're doing is still in the hush hush sort of state so we give you something old. It's So we'll sing and it's featuring artist Pezzy Pezz made a little clip show for it! We own bat country!!!

So we’ll sing

Well we’re super busy and will report way more regularly from now on... and you should expect raw awesome!!! But yeah brb

Oh yeah a brand new gallery is growing randomly giving out hints to what we’re up to so you also keep checking that… or not…3h after!!! PSUB!!!

Sex criminal fashion… because the bad boy look is for pussies!!!

The alchemists!!!

The final Glasborola is now behind us and the victory goes to them kings and queen of garden weeds. Just click HERE if you wanna see it. It features a Dandelion children interview with actual random children, more commentary on the Smitten video and a crazy performance of After all. Another music video was promised as the reward so there will be one more professional single to look forward to in the future.

On the subject of future and the latest interviews we do confirm that two more albums are in the making. We hope it will all be polished and released soon and we promise it is a level up from the old albums. Also there will be official T-shirts so start saving money =P !!!

And for some old albums news. You can now read another D.C. stole my bike review by following this LINK. We were given 7 out of 10 and in overall no hating =)

If the universe disappeared would the rules of chess still exist???

Stop right there criminal scum!!!

There’s a little article right here about Ven Jemeršič focusing mostly on Smitten. Speaking of Smitten, don’t forget to vote
for it in a new week of Glasborola chart.

You can tune in to Radio 1 on Monday (23rd) and listen to a show called Več slovenske glasbe. It’s starts at 21.00 and will feature an interview with Jure.

There will also be an interview with Jure in one of the future Žurnals and one in the Spekter magazine. You can read the Spekter one by clicking HERE.

And don’t forget to tune in for the final Glasborola where Dandelion children will compete with Lejla. You can also be there in person and see it all go down live.

Trying is the first step towards failure!!!

Juicy orange!!!

If you missed the second Glasborola featuring Dandelion children, or just want to see it again, click HERE. The show contains the Smitten video, its commentary, a little interview with D.C. and a crazy performance of Goalless confessions morphed together with Don’t bother the goat.

Glasborola also has a chart where you can now vote for Smitten. Follow this LiNk and vote if you don’t hate us. You can vote every couple of minutes just so you’ll know!

You can now check more behind the scenes photos of the video shoot. This time it’s pics from day two and they are accompanied by Dare station. Check it out:

Day 2

We’re so boss we’re at the end of world 8-4!!!

Going acoustic!!!

The wait is over! The album is ready to be downloaded so go for it and enjoy! Maybe now Božo’s review will make more sense. But do not be shy to leave your thoughts on it in the shout box.

Jure - In secrecy.jpg
You can run but you’ll just die tired!!!