Double check!!!

We're sorry about the lack of Xmas presents but it's not in our hands = there is in fact presets! Better late than never and analy raped they say... anyway Jure got his own little page now. You can see it in the menu (jure (solo)). That means Jure-only related stuff will be migrating there and him being a tweety bastard there is a promise of daily (maybe even more than once per day) news/gossip/tweets/whateveryoukidscallittoday segments. So yeah now you have to double check this page to see if there's shit going on and ammm be afraid of the new D.C. record!!!

Good news…we won’t kill you!!!

Dandelion youth!!!

We had a gig Saturday with one of our favorite bands; Srečna mladina!!! It was a super awesome time, Murska sobota is great and we'd love to do it again. You can see some footage of it all here and some of it hEre. That is one sweet T-shirt Peter is wearing =P

Also we are revealing the tracklist for the soon to be released »Dandelion children so pičke«! It goes like this:

01. Let go, forget
02. That color
03. Little Craig James
04. Reaction in a dream
05. 1:31
06. Burned in my soul
07. Barely curious
08. Poisoned
09. A little prayer maybe?
10. Ne Maki ga
11. Make believe

So there you have it... 10 new tracks for you to look forward to and also a proper take on »ne Maki ga«. The live version of the track was released on Dandeloid but we decided to give it another go.

If you don’t know a Michael Scott you are a Michael Scott!!!

Who do we kill Jerry?!?

So we had a little short gig recently that was a part of FV Festival. And in the spirit of that event we news! First we'd like to say we had a good time and it feels real nice to be back doing this again. More gigs soon!!!

So far there have been some reviews of the whole event. Just click HERE and/or HERE for a bit shorter one.

There's also some picture action on this LINK.

We also have some clips of the show:

FV Live

This was a little taste of the albums we're finishing up as well as some of the old stuff. There's even a premiere track in there. Mr. Evaluator was played live for the first time here! =)

The songs on the video (in order) are:
- Mr. Evaluator
- Goalless confessions
- Know it anyway
- Barely curious

We take it to the edge and then we just go way past it!!!

Pull it out!!!

Yes yes, we know just how dusty it got here but don’t let the lack of news deceive you! We are in fact super busy doing music related things of great proportion. So here’s what’s up that isn’t a secret:

If you checked the gigo, you already know there’s a gig coming up in Menza. So mark your calendar because the 12th is DC day!

We are also practically done recording our new album titled “D.C. so pičke”. So now it’s polishing time and cover making time which means it can be released very soon and yes, you should be excited as it will be a tasty tasty album!!!

Speaking of tasty albums… we’re in the middle of recording of our other new album titled “Aftermath”. This is the album that is featuring Smitten and all though it will not be released as soon as D.C. so pičke, it will most certainly be done at some point in January.

Speaking of Smitten, we now present you its story board. It features some of the original ideas that didn’t make it in to the video:

Smitten (storyboard)

Speaking of new albums and an old video, we are also making two brand new videos that should be done this year so there’s that to also look forward to. One of these videos is a result of D.C.s Glasborola victory and will again be a collaboration with Mr. Ven Jemeršič. And if you would like to be a part of the video don’t be shy and contact Jure. He might know something.

Speaking of Jure, he is in addition busy working on 2 of his new solo albums as well as producing something known as the Dandelion children – legendary lost album. It’s an album worth of tracks that were half recorded right after Perfection off and then thrown away and forgotten. Soon this will be finished and released making Perhaps maybe no longer the second album but the third and so on.

Oh yeah it should also be mentioned that we now have D.C. t-shirts. They come in all sizes and if you care to have one for when laundry day comes contact Anže or just show up to one of our shows!

Warlocks are enemies of god!!!

Horses are evil people!!!

People of Earth!!! We dare you to check out a fresh little video for Jures tune titled “Boo”. It’s from the “In secrecy” album and if you haven’t yet checked it out stop messing about and download it!!!


Thank you Žiga for making the video ^^ If anyone else out there has a video idea and a camera… don’t shy out!!!

You have been lied to!!!