Dandelion Children so pičke!!!

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Dandelion Children so pičke

Our friend Damjan got some microphones for recording drums and needed help testing them. Hoping to get a demo out of it, we helped him out. We then tricked him and ended up with an album =D So many thanks to Damjan Lebeničnik for spending countless hours helping us record, mix and produce the record... also for doing some sexy backing vocals and noise. Also thanks to Neža, guy, Maja & Tea for helping us hate on Maki (thank you Maki for being this inspirationally lame). also thanks to Maja Tisel for the photo of Damjan =D Hugs and thumbs up to Anej Kočevar a.k.a. Kočo for the mastering and special thanks to Marina Loop for the ever so wonderful artwork and cover design. Naturally we thank the anonymous hater for the album title and the cover background...we owe you (batine). And also thanks to Mark who tried to redeem our name thus ruining our cover, so thank you Jure P. for the Photoshop work =P And big thanks to you for listening to our little creation. It was a weird year for us and we hope our music did not disappoint =)

We also got in the finals in the whole STG thing. It’s a big honor for us to be chosen as one of the best 15 artists in the country. More on this as it goes along but for now a sexy little gig is a definite!

Songs are just exercises of solitude!!!

The big bad Špeel!!!

All are welcome... all are welcome!!!

Live in the past!!!

We’ve now uploaded the clip of our first live TV appearance on youtube! The song titled “Let go, forget” is also the intro song to the future coming “Dandelion children so pičke”. So a bit of propaganda for that.

Let go, forget (NLP)

Stay in the forest, stay safe, stay green!!!

Happy 2012!!!

So the gig went well, D.C. actually played continuously from 11 to 12 and everybody had a proper good time. In the spirit of New Year we give you a D.C. calendar. Big thanks to Tea for making it!

This day was also a virginity losing day for Jure’s new band called The Ragtorns. A trio consisting of Jure, Gegi (who has been through out the years collaborating with d.c.) and Matija (Katja's & Jure's little brother), performed for the first time. Expect to hear more from these guys in the future!

It’s called the past coz we were passed out!!!

Finishing 11!!!

Check this article! As you can see Smitten made it in to the top 10 music videos of 2011. Makes us happy coz we didn’t even start doing our thing yet =D There is also a secret new year’s gig happening tonight so hunt us down if you ain’t got other plans.

Smiling is the second best thing you can do with those lips!!!