It has finally come to this!!!

We have created a brand new youtube channel called DandelionChildrenAudio. We’ve uploaded all our music there and will be uploading our future releases. So now you have easy access to all DC songs and albums, therefore explore it, comment, like, subscribe, create your personal playlists,…

Dandelion children as well as The Ragtorns will soon be releasing brand new music videos and have gigs!

Ever since the early days there have been song recordings that never got released. Now this collection of demos, b-sides, alternative mixes, live recordings and Easter eggs has been organized in to a package we call “Abortion overdue” and released to the world. But be warned, this is not an album for a casual music listener ;) And thanks to Emil and Rea for making the artwork!!!
Dandelion Children - Abortion Overdue

There was also a recent photo appearance in Mladina. Check out the garage chillin’ pic by clicking on these numbers: 58006

We would like to make a music video starring you, the people, and possibly your pets. All you have to do is go to a place you think would be unique or exotic or famous or whatever, put together a “Dandelion children” fan sign (you can be artistic and original about it…there’s little rules) and film at least 5 seconds of you with the sign in the location. Send your contributions to

And here is a little promo of things to come:

terrorist demands

We’re sweating like a nun at a cucumber stand!!!

That one Sunday prouject!!!

So this past Sunday (14.6. 15) the whole Dandelion collective went to the studio to record a few demos. Only nine hours later a brand new 14 track new album was over and done with recording. It was very spontaneous so it does not yet have a name or the cover…. So in addition to start being wound up also start brainstorming and hook us up with your ideas ;)

Both Dandelion children and The Ragtorns will be performing in the center of Ljubljana this Sunday so be there!

Not long ago we were playing in Rijeka and you can read a positive little review by following this link. And there’s also footage for all of you who don’t believe we were there!!


Knowledge without imagination is just a list of ingredients and a list of ingredients does not a cookie make!!!

Jure - 17

“17” is a collection of Jure’s pre-band recordings and goes back before 2004. It forms a double album with “From under the dust” and consists of the earliest music Jure ever composed and recorded, making it the very start of Dandelion children. The cover photography was provided by Esarina, a friend, a fan and a super awesome lady.

Jure: “I will never write music and lyrics like this again. I also know these songs, these demos will never be properly recorded. This is why I decided to release them the way they are even though it’s a little embarrassing. I was a baby at song writing beck then. But at least this way you can see the full picture of how it all evolved to the art we’re putting out these days. “17” and “From under the dust” should be listened to with these things in mind”
Jure%20-%2017 cover

We got a little shoutout from our friend Miki Solus
in his interview!

Also we’ll be playing a show in Rijeka. It’s a competition where the winner gets to play at the INmusic festival. Click test to read about that and don’t forget to reserve yourself a sit on the free bus!

If you open your mind too much your brain will fall out!!!

Dandelion dandelion!!!

With this 2014/2015 New Year thing we celebrate 10 years since an old drum set, a small amp and a cheap electric guitar came in to the home of Jure and Katja. While this is not an official jubilee of the band we would like to mark the occasion by giving you all, our proudest creation, Dandelion children – Dandelion children:

Dandelion Children

If only closed minds came with closed mouths!!!

A kaj ti?!?

So let’s see… we did a bunch of things last year and not all of them were archived here so here’s a little mention of the 24 hour marathon thing we were a part of.

You can also listen to an interview regarding mostly our FESTEM experience. You can listen to it by clicking here and you can listen to the little song we recorded while hanging in France by following this link.

And finally a little report from the annual New Year themed Roll bar gig with Lazy bones. There was rock n’ roll, booze and a striper… oh and we were there to. Check it out >>> %$o_O7””

Ps: there are tons of new photos being uploaded to our Pictures section and don’t forget to check the gigo for these things are not always planned months ahead and you don’t wanna miss a spur-of-the-moment dc gig yo!

Recycle bitch!!!