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woo hoo

14.03.2012 - 19:04

I was in the same show as blur =P


11.03.2012 - 18:31

partyed on the world::within release party...joined Joko ono on stage for a punk duet and spent the whole day making the new dc video...so you'll know

pozabm js

09.03.2012 - 00:32

hmmm tok albumou in spotou in tv-radio stvari pa še ni blo na kupu


28.02.2012 - 02:15

it's been a 24h now... the Ragtorns album right at ya sooner than you'd lick a thing!!!

new rags

24.02.2012 - 08:07

The ragtorns are going to studio in about an hour =D

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