The cake is a lie!?!

For all of you who have missed our tv and radio appearances… do not fear, links are here. Watch the bit from Aritmija and listen to the latest DC Na piedestal.

Some new promos were made. Watch the crazy “how to prepare for the 10th anniversary gig:

10th year gig

And a techno driven dance filled promo for DandelionChildrenAudio yt channel that you should by now have surely subscribed to o_O


Finally, all the missing lyrics to the recently released songs as well as some old ones have been uploaded to the page. You will find some under Jure.

An internet collaboration happened that resulted in a music video for Feels like paradox. The video was made by Judith Potocka. Go check her out.

Feels like paradox

If there is anyone feeling like collaborating on stuff let us know ;)

You can watch some footage from the Kino Šiška gig. Obvious was filmed as well as Never fine. From older songs you might actually know there’s Mr. Evaluator and a borrowed Punčke bass version of Smitten.

The full Union show can be found here for anyone who is interested.

Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time!!!