Just 7 tons of olds and news!!!

We played this interesting gig in Pivovarna Union. It was basically this live interactive commercial where people from the street got to communicate with us through a screen. You might as well check a few clips from it :D


There’s an album that we’ve been working on for years. We have decided to release it on a monthly basis. So a date will be picked and every month a fresh song will be uploaded to our DandelionChildrenAudio youtube channel until finally after 19 months you’ll be left with the full album.

Our now annual new year’s gig in Rollbar got a little review as well as some pictures. Click on these boobies to read all about it ( . ) ( . )

Our song middle toe is featured in a new movie called Nika. You can click here to watch the trailer. Most of the music for the film was done by our friend and producer Peter Dekleva with whom we started recording a brand new album 

DC and Jure music was also featured in a student short film that might find it’s way on to the internet sometimes in the future.

That album Dandelion children and The Ragtorns recorded in one Sunday is currently being mixed and mastered. But you can listen to the rough version by clicking here. It was presented By Katja and Rea on Radio študents Afterparty.

We’ve uploaded two songs from The Ragtorns Menza gig. Check out Hailstones:


And Aimlessly:


When it comes to the matters of the heart just follow your penis!!!