Jure - 17

“17” is a collection of Jure’s pre-band recordings and goes back before 2004. It forms a double album with “From under the dust” and consists of the earliest music Jure ever composed and recorded, making it the very start of Dandelion children. The cover photography was provided by Esarina, a friend, a fan and a super awesome lady.

Jure: “I will never write music and lyrics like this again. I also know these songs, these demos will never be properly recorded. This is why I decided to release them the way they are even though it’s a little embarrassing. I was a baby at song writing beck then. But at least this way you can see the full picture of how it all evolved to the art we’re putting out these days. “17” and “From under the dust” should be listened to with these things in mind”
Jure%20-%2017 cover

We got a little shoutout from our friend Miki Solus
in his interview!

Also we’ll be playing a show in Rijeka. It’s a competition where the winner gets to play at the INmusic festival. Click test to read about that and don’t forget to reserve yourself a sit on the free bus!

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