Jellyfish butter!!!

Those tasty dandelion jerks have apparently come out on top in Orto battle thing. It is too soon to celebrate though since there are four more bands to compete next Wednesday. We’ll keep you posted but you can expect the final results on 12.3.

There’s also a dandelion quiz in the making. You’ll be able to test your dandelion knowledge and if you are lucky and dandewise you can get some neat goodies. All the answers can be sniffed out on the page so you might ready your self.

Our friend Božo is making a video for 3h after or not. It’s all we’ll say for now… meanwhile you can check these little vids that include our tracks.

Someone’s fave games video
Someone else’s video
Driving game video

Naturally we also put up a new poll question so state your opinion. Old polls remain open!

Music should be food for the soul not turds for the mind!!!