It has finally come to this!!!

We have created a brand new youtube channel called DandelionChildrenAudio. We’ve uploaded all our music there and will be uploading our future releases. So now you have easy access to all DC songs and albums, therefore explore it, comment, like, subscribe, create your personal playlists,…

Dandelion children as well as The Ragtorns will soon be releasing brand new music videos and have gigs!

Ever since the early days there have been song recordings that never got released. Now this collection of demos, b-sides, alternative mixes, live recordings and Easter eggs has been organized in to a package we call “Abortion overdue” and released to the world. But be warned, this is not an album for a casual music listener ;) And thanks to Emil and Rea for making the artwork!!!
Dandelion Children - Abortion Overdue

There was also a recent photo appearance in Mladina. Check out the garage chillin’ pic by clicking on these numbers: 58006

We would like to make a music video starring you, the people, and possibly your pets. All you have to do is go to a place you think would be unique or exotic or famous or whatever, put together a “Dandelion children” fan sign (you can be artistic and original about it…there’s little rules) and film at least 5 seconds of you with the sign in the location. Send your contributions to

And here is a little promo of things to come:

terrorist demands

We’re sweating like a nun at a cucumber stand!!!