Dandelion children are such an open-ended package of three, that it, despite all the given labels, all the attempts of descriptions, all the misunderstandings, still hasn’t been properly introduced and it might even be impossible to do so. You can however follow their journey, listen to what they have to say and just go with the DC flow and see what happens next. The band has a beginning, a start if you will. Actually it has three and they are all unofficially official. There’s the early 2005 variation of a “birthday” when Jure and Katja got their instruments. But they couldn’t play them yet nor did they have the band’s name figured out. In May of 2006 is when they had their first gig as Dandelion children, but there was just the pair of them. Then came February of 2007 and with it the first gig featuring Anže. At the time he was considered only a guest from both sides and only played on a few songs. After having created a bunch of new songs together and a fist full of gigs behind them, Anže became a full member. And ever since… They don’t always know what they’re doing, but they sure do it well! =)