Interwebz caravan!!!

Thiss little page of ours that you grew to adore is now moving to the same country we're at. That’s right, it’s coming to Slovenia. That means it’s gonna work faster for most people now!!! It also means it’ll be gone for about 2h some time this evening (15.2.) so you don’t need to cause a riot!!!

Pero started uploading pictures to his gallery. He now takes his camera everywhere so there will be new pics practically every day. Keep checking!!!

That’s right, we now have a poll!!! It’s where we’ll post questions and where you’ll give your answers. Fun on a bun!!! If you want to further explain your answers there is always the shout box. Or if you just have anything on your mind there’s always the shout box =D Poll questions will be replaced as soon as we feel there’s enough data out of it.

Oh yeah… MAK fest date and location was confirmed so you can now put it on your calendar!!!

We’re so hip your grandfather broke us!!!