Damn straight!!!

We fucking won the rock izziv challenge. Yes, yes we did! Thanks to everyone that supported us but mostly thanks to our greatness. The other bands can suck it! God damn it we’re awesome!!! You can check a little video summation of the show by clicking HERE. And you should also check the gigo to see what shows we got. It’s pretty sweet and we’re pretty great! It can not really be described by words just how immensely remarkable we are so you best show up to some gigs to have a better understanding.

A little slide show was also uploaded to youtube. To check it out you have to click fnja and not be a retard. It contains some never seen before pictures and a little song to go along with it.

We’ll keep you posted as soon as more news worthy stuff happens… or maybe we won’t. Meanwhile answer the new poll question and tell your mom to download our music. Oh yeah… there’s gonna be more collaborations with our friend Pezzy Pezz. So we’ll sing will possibly be featured on his album.

History is written by those who have functional pens!!!