Challenge much???

You know what would be great? If you'd show your support by voting for us at ROCKIZZIV. We got to the finals and with your help we just might win there for get some pretty sweet gigs. If you could spread the word and help us get more support… that would be sweet as well. Just getting to the finals though got us some studio time and a gig in Orto bar. The track we record will be featured on this years Rock izziv compilation and the Orto gig will be where the jury picks the winner. Apart from the jury some of the points come with internet voting and some of them come with you being at the gig and casting your vote there so it would be nice if you did both.

We’re also auditioning for Vičstock so you might see us there… when ever that happens. And same goes for Mladifest. We’ll let you know when something happens.

As you can see there is also a fresh poll question. It would be cool if you’d explain your answers in the shout box as well so we can all have a laugh unless your motives are of creepy nature. The old poll question will remain open for all you who haven’t stated your opinion yet.

Breathing is an excellent way to stay alive!!!