Art is not a democracy!!!

The gossip is all true! The greatly expected 6th album titled simply “Dandelion children” is now finished and being printed. Here is the photo of the historic event:

So be sure to come to our Nebotičnik release party and get yourself a copy.

Tune in to Val 202 on 22nd to hear an interview with Anže and Jure as well as some premiered tunes from the new album. More details on that here.

There is also a bizarre little review from our Menza show.

And we will also be revealing the tracklist of the album. The songs featuring on the album are:

01. Rock n' roll has got to go
02. Wooden animal
03. Never handled
04. Renewed
05. Feels like paradox
06. Goalless confessions
07. Middle toe
08. Your nothing
09. Mutilator compensator
10. Morning grass
11. Smitten
12. Mr. Evaluator
13. History of fail
14. Dehydrated monkey
15. The beat (the beat)

You can have your own opinion but you can’t have your own facts!!!