A kaj ti?!?

So let’s see… we did a bunch of things last year and not all of them were archived here so here’s a little mention of the 24 hour marathon thing we were a part of.

You can also listen to an interview regarding mostly our FESTEM experience. You can listen to it by clicking here and you can listen to the little song we recorded while hanging in France by following this link.

And finally a little report from the annual New Year themed Roll bar gig with Lazy bones. There was rock n’ roll, booze and a striper… oh and we were there to. Check it out >>> %$o_O7””

Ps: there are tons of new photos being uploaded to our Pictures section and don’t forget to check the gigo for these things are not always planned months ahead and you don’t wanna miss a spur-of-the-moment dc gig yo!

Recycle bitch!!!