A baguette!!!

Ok so we have been to France! It was truly a wonderful experience and we met some awesome people. On the music side of things we did a bunch of interviews, played a few gigs and recorded a brand new song titled F1ee4. The song also comes with a bonus freestyled jam with a working title: “gimme a croissant!” Also there is an extra little bonus ukulele tune  so expect a video from our trip, a whole tone of pictures, the new song and more gigs with our new friends in the near future.

Also keep checking the gigo as we will have plenty of shows…one of them even in Madrid!

There’s also some out of date news. Goalless confessions has been chosen as one of the best 15 videos of 2013. You can read about it here.

To keep your genitals moist we will soon be releasing two new pro-shot videos, some albums and other little tasty treats. Here’s a mysterious promo:


Keep it sleazy!!!