That Sunday!!!

The album titled That Sunday is finally released into the wild in its entirety! For all the tasty details about it and its creation, it is best to check out the Alter Radio interview. Most importantly just push play and enjoy:

That Sunday

If you’re conscious you must be depressed!!!

Tuto Bugarin!?!

So a lot of new music has been released but now the lyrics have also been put up here on the page ;)

We have covered Pyro by Kings of leon. You can check out right here:


There’s also a new place for concerts now open in Trzin. It’s called Zip baza and we were the first band to play there. You can check out the details by clicking here.

A poetry book is in the making and here’s an example of an artist speed drawing some art for Make believe.


And you can check out a little article about Živa and her fancy pants :D

When nothing goes right go left!!!

The cake is a lie!?!

For all of you who have missed our tv and radio appearances… do not fear, links are here. Watch the bit from Aritmija and listen to the latest DC Na piedestal.

Some new promos were made. Watch the crazy “how to prepare for the 10th anniversary gig:

10th year gig

And a techno driven dance filled promo for DandelionChildrenAudio yt channel that you should by now have surely subscribed to o_O


Finally, all the missing lyrics to the recently released songs as well as some old ones have been uploaded to the page. You will find some under Jure.

An internet collaboration happened that resulted in a music video for Feels like paradox. The video was made by Judith Potocka. Go check her out.

Feels like paradox

If there is anyone feeling like collaborating on stuff let us know ;)

You can watch some footage from the Kino Šiška gig. Obvious was filmed as well as Never fine. From older songs you might actually know there’s Mr. Evaluator and a borrowed Punčke bass version of Smitten.

The full Union show can be found here for anyone who is interested.

Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time!!!

Just 7 tons of olds and news!!!

We played this interesting gig in Pivovarna Union. It was basically this live interactive commercial where people from the street got to communicate with us through a screen. You might as well check a few clips from it :D


There’s an album that we’ve been working on for years. We have decided to release it on a monthly basis. So a date will be picked and every month a fresh song will be uploaded to our DandelionChildrenAudio youtube channel until finally after 19 months you’ll be left with the full album.

Our now annual new year’s gig in Rollbar got a little review as well as some pictures. Click on these boobies to read all about it ( . ) ( . )

Our song middle toe is featured in a new movie called Nika. You can click here to watch the trailer. Most of the music for the film was done by our friend and producer Peter Dekleva with whom we started recording a brand new album 

DC and Jure music was also featured in a student short film that might find it’s way on to the internet sometimes in the future.

That album Dandelion children and The Ragtorns recorded in one Sunday is currently being mixed and mastered. But you can listen to the rough version by clicking here. It was presented By Katja and Rea on Radio študents Afterparty.

We’ve uploaded two songs from The Ragtorns Menza gig. Check out Hailstones:


And Aimlessly:


When it comes to the matters of the heart just follow your penis!!!

Wooden animal!!!

So the video for Wooden animal has been out there for a while. It’s even been hanging in the Točka charts for a few weeks. With your help it’ll stay there so please vote.

Wooden animal

Just because you put syrup on something it doesn’t make it pancakes!!!